How long does asbestos testing take?

asbestos testing

When looking at having any form of asbestos testing undertaken, there are a few factors that will affect how long it will take from the first phone call to the delivery of results.


For homeowners, organising asbestos testing involves making an appointment that is suitable for both the homeowner and one of the MPA Asbestos Services team. Some areas of consideration when making an appointment may include:
Working hours of the homeowner – are they available during MPA Asbestos Services business hours or is an after hours appointment required?
Would the homeowner like to be present during sample procurement?
If the asbestos sample can be taken with no one home, is there safe and available access to the area in question.
If there needs to be someone at home, then again, is the area accessible?
Once possible asbestos samples are taken, any questions or concerns from the homeowners can be discussed. Also, measuring the area for future quotation can also be arranged during the site visit.

After collection, the asbestos analysis is completed, and results are usually given with 24 hours.


When investment properties need to have areas of asbestos tested, there are a few extra factors that must be kept in mind before a site visit can be completed and the material tested for possible asbestos.
Is the property looked after privately or by a property manager?
If by a property manager, are they aware that asbestos testing needs to be carried out?
Will the company of the property manager by billed for the sample analysis or will the property owner be billed directly?
If the property is managed by a property manager, they will need to get in contact and liaise with the tenants a suitable time for when the property can be accessed for sample collection.
Sometimes, tenants would prefer for MPA Asbestos Services to directly contact them to make an appointment. This is a preferred method, as communication is swifter and a suitable time is made more promptly.
Property owners as well as property managers also sometimes like to be present during sample collection. Again this can be communicated by phone and organised.
Alternatively, with consent from the tenants, the property manager can simply open the property for the sample to be collected.
Once the sample is taken, if there are any concerns or questions from anyone present, these can all be addressed. Then, depending on how the asbestos testing was organised, either the property manager will be contacted or the homeowner. Results are usually provided within 24 hours.


Occasionally, property owners feel confident and comfortable to take the sample of the possible asbestos material themselves. When this occurs, samples can be delivered to the MPA Asbestos Services office or if out of business hours, dropped into the letterbox on the front fence. Advising that a sample has been dropped off is advisable. This can be done by messaging or calling the office number.

It is also recommended that the piece of material for testing is;
the size of approximately a 10 or 20 cent piece
placed in a ziplock bag
details of the material provided in the paper include address, contact details, property room and what the sample was taken from
this all then place in another ziplock bag
repeated for each sample
This method is so that the sample material is prepared for asbestos testing in a contained airtight manner where the details of the material are accessible in a safe environment. From the time of drop off, results are again given generally within 24 hours.

If you require asbestos testing in your property, Call MPA Asbestos Services today!