Asbestos Testing Adelaide

If your Adelaide property was built before the 1990s, then testing for asbestos is recommended before undertaking any renovations or building work. For asbestos removal in Adelaide, MPA Asbestos Services provides a full range of services including professional asbestos testing services.

Asbestos Testing Done by Professionals

Homes built before 1990 or before stricter asbestos measures were adopted are likely to have been constructed with building materials that contain asbestos. Materials used to build ceilings, roofing, walls, tiles and flooring may contain asbestos and require professional asbestos testing. Our team has also identified asbestos through the testing of Adelaide fences, eaves and sheds.

Disturbing asbestos materials can be a potential health risk. So if you are unsure, we recommend using our professional Adelaide based asbestos inspection and testing services every time you suspect asbestos on your Adelaide property.

How We Do Asbestos Testing

At MPA Asbestos Services, a member of our professional Asbestos testing team will extract a sample large enough for testing, while keeping the area surrounding the removed material safe, to prevent the dispersion of any potential harmful fibres.

Our professional and experienced asbestos testing staff can visit your Adelaide premises and safely remove samples of different materials that potentially contain asbestos. Our trained staff will assess both the interior, exterior, and outdoor areas of your Adelaide property, and take a range of samples for asbestos testing as required.

Asbestos fibres can only be conclusively identified by microscopic analysis. So while our experienced staff may suspect that a material contains asbestos, the only way to be sure is through professional laboratory testing.

Avoiding Risks During Asbestos Testing Is Key

Our professional asbestos testing team looks for and tests materials containing asbestos every day. Our team draws from their expertise when taking the sample for testing and can advise on the condition of the material in question. There may be instances where renovations can be carried out around the asbestos material, or if the material is in good condition, there is no need to have it removed at all.

From the time of sample drop off, results are again given generally within 24 hours.

Some of the benefits of a professional asbestos testing service include:

Confirm the Presence of Asbestos in the Safest Way Possible:

The only way to guarantee the presence of asbestos is through professional testing. During an asbestos testing service, our expert team will extract samples of the suspected material safely with no risk posed to you or your family. From here, the material samples will be analysed.

Asbestos Report:

Once your property has undergone an asbestos testing service, you can be provided with a report detailing whether asbestos was detected. This report proves to be useful when undergoing renovations or repairs; it can also be used as supporting documentation in real estate transactions and for other trade services.

The Ultimate Peace of Mind:

While exposure to asbestos doesn’t lead to immediate symptoms, over time asbestos fibres can cause serious damage to your body, which can lead to life-threatening illnesses. With a professional asbestos testing service, you can prevent the harmful effects that asbestos exposure can cause and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Don’t put yourself or your loved ones at risk any longer. Contact MPA Asbestos Services today to arrange your asbestos testing from your Adelaide home or business. Our trained asbestos testing staff can visit your Adelaide property in the metropolitan and surrounding areas, giving you peace of mind into the future.