Asbestos Inspections Adelaide

Was your home built before 1990? It may have been constructed using asbestos-containing materials. For asbestos removal in South Australia, MPA Asbestos Services provides a full range of services including asbestos inspections, testing, and safe removal.

Asbestos inspections are an essential step when purchasing or preparing to renovate an Adelaide property. MPA Asbestos Services undertakes asbestos inspections in South Australia with a team of professionally trained staff who are highly experienced in identifying asbestos in both commercial and domestic environments.

At MPA Services, we proudly service all areas in Adelaide and South Australia, including residential and commercial properties at a time that is convenient for you. Call us for a no-obligation quote.

Avoid Any Risks by Getting Asbestos Inspections Done by Professionals

When it comes to buying a new home or commercial property in Adelaide, arranging a professional asbestos inspection is highly recommended for your safety and peace of mind. Doing so will provide you with knowledge of the asbestos, along with the cost of asbestos removal or remediation before signing, allowing you to make a well-informed buying decision

Renovating a home or commercial property that is at risk of having asbestos prior to a professional inspection is just not worth the risk. Invest in your well-being and peace of mind by requesting a professional asbestos inspection from our team before undergoing any renovations or construction on your Adelaide property.

Asbestos Inspections Must Be Thorough Inside and Outside of Your Property

Asbestos is not always immediately apparent; over time, it has been incorporated in many different types of building materials. A thorough and professional asbestos inspection service, along with the professional testing of materials is the only way to have the ultimate peace of mind.

MPA Asbestos Services will undertake a full inspection of a domestic or commercial property, including all interior spaces and external structures. We recommend having an area you are considering having removed, renovated or even replaced in your home inspected for asbestos. Some key areas may include your kitchen vinyl or tile underlay, eaves, bathroom walls and ceilings.

Other key areas that asbestos can be found in your home include:

Our Asbestos Inspection Process

Identifying asbestos on your property can be difficult, especially when it comes to determining whether the asbestos is friable or not.

Our inspection process makes safety a main priority. Only a Class A license holder can get rid of friable asbestos. At MPA Asbestos Services, we proudly hold our Class A license, allowing us to be able to professionally handle the asbestos inspection and testing processes as well as ensure that removal is always safe and efficient.

Once our team has completed an asbestos inspection, we will safely take a sample (if required) and send it to our accredited lab for testing. Once the test results come back, we will work with you to develop a plan of action for the safe removal of your Adelaide home’s asbestos.

Our inspection of your Adelaide property includes taking physical samples from a selection of these building materials for testing. While we are on your property, we take photos and notes of the site and potential asbestos materials, to assist with planning a safe removal strategy.

A full report is then provided identifying areas that may contain asbestos material and a removal plan.

We Will Answer Any of Your Asbestos Inspections Questions

We understand that you are likely to have questions, not just when you receive the report, but in the weeks following your inspection. We are always contactable for asbestos advice via phone or email as needed.

Our asbestos inspection services cover Adelaide’s metropolitan zone and the surrounding areas. Contact the team at MPA Asbestos Services to arrange a prompt inspection of your Adelaide property for asbestos.