Clearance certificate after asbestos removal

Clearance certificate after asbestos removal

An Asbestos Clearance Inspection is carried out after the asbestos removal and clean up has been completed. The licensed Asbestos Assessor inspects the asbestos removal work area, including transit roots and location of asbestos waste.

The purpose of the inspection is to ensure no visible asbestos dust or debris is left on site, after removal of asbestos has been completed.

The assessor must ensure all asbestos debris and asbestos contaminated waste , including nails in timber framing, have been removed and surfaces appropriately cleaned in line with legislation requirements.

Upon completion of the inspection, the licensed assessor will issue a Clearance Certificate which outlines the scope of work undertaken and any limitations discovered during work.

The Clearance Certificate together with the air monitoring report provides assurance that the asbestos work area is fit for re-occupation. Air monitoring is recommended for all asbestos removal works to ensure peace of mind that your home or property is safe to return too after the removal of any asbestos products.