Buying a new home or property? What you need to look for before you purchase or move in

Buying a new home or property

If you are looking at buying a property and know that the house was built in or before the 1990’s, there is a fair chance the house may have asbestos containing materials. It is always recommended that;

  • a building inspection is obtained to check for white ant and structural damage
  • an expert check and test for asbestos. This way you can find out how much any asbestos removal may cost. This can then be factored into any negotiation price and also any renovation costs.

Call the team at MPA Asbestos Services to find out how they can help when buying your next home or investment property.

  • What to do if you suspect asbestos is in your home – IE: Call the experts at MPA to inspect and test.
  • Home renovation tips for asbestos – IE: bathroom renovation ripping up tiles etc. – if uncertain call an expert to help.