Asbestos in the home – do I need to have it tested and the area inspected?

Asbestos in the home

Since asbestos and all materials containing asbestos did not become illegal until 2003, it is therefore highly likely that if your home was built or renovated before 1990, it contains some form of asbestos building product – most likely asbestos cement sheeting. We recommend having any area you are considering having removed, renovated or even replaced in your home inspected for asbestos. Some key areas may include your kitchen vinyl or tile underlay, eaves, bathroom walls and ceilings.

Some other key areas that asbestos can be found in your home include:

Bathroom – ceilings, walls, flooring
Laundry – ceilings, walls, flooring
Kitchen – splashbacks, flooring, walls, ceilings
Floor – tile underlay, vinyl floor tiles, sheet vinyl
Walls – internal linings, external cladding

We recommend having our experienced Asbestos Manager come and take a sample of the material for analysis.